"Before I left for distant countries, Jacob said something like: Don't leave, what should I do now?
Once on the road, he came back to me in my thoughts;
when I had a beautiful view in front of me, when I drank beer, when I saw a beautiful woman, when I heard timeless music, sitting behind a gleaming bar.

This is what you should do, I thought. You should re-create an experience to be viewed by others.
Because that's what he does best. He seeks and perpetuates the feelings in life one always should carry.

As Modigliani says, every great work should be considered like any work of nature. First of all from the point of view of its aesthetic reality and then not just from its development and the mastery of its creation but from the standpoint of what has moved and agitated its creator.

Therein lies his style. He is the living artist, walking among us, letting himself be influenced by the time that caught us all. But he also manages to stop that time. And give back."

// Alexander Lizama